We are pleased welcoming you at our website. Impulse Plants offers a very large and diverse range of house and garden plants. We appreciate the importance of strong lines of communication and high-touch relationships. In maintaining our high standards and having a thirst for knowledge and advice, we remain an important and integral supplier in the United Kingdom. 

Shows in 2024

Impulse Plants Spring Fair

🌷 Welcome to the Impulse Plants Spring Fair 2024! 🌼


Discover the beauty of nature in full bloom at the Impulse Plants Spring Fair, where the essence of spring comes to life.

Join us for an enchanting journey through vibrant displays of blooming flora, showcasing the finest and most diverse selection of plants.


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Shows in 2023

Four Oaks Trade Show 5 & 6 September

We're delighted to be exhibiting once again at the 2023 Four Oaks Trade Show. 
After 35 years it had become a significant and vital fixture in our annual events calender.

We find our customers prefer to meet face-to-face more than ever now.
The show is always busy with lots of interesting visitors.
Four Oaks shows a unique family get-together.

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The opening of our new office

We are more than proud of the building of our new office building.
Last week we are happy to work with the entire staff under one roof.
For over a year Ingrid and Jan have worked on this project, we would like to thank everyone who have made this possible. 

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Impulse Plants Ltd. UK Spring Trade Show 2023

On 23rd - 27th january 2023 we are exited to bring our finest spring products in England again. 
In Lower Withington, Macclesfield we hope to show you the best plant range and possibilities for the upcoming gardening season. We would like to welcome you to come and take a look around and have a chat with your salesman.

Customers who have visited in previous years know the functionality of our app and how it's indispendible when visiting.

With the app you can scan the products and see the price and availability. When scanning there is the possibilty to create orders with the plants you prefer so you can plan your stock for 2023.


Register your visit with the registration button below or contact your salesman.

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Building our new office

Around 35 years ago we started here in the Wijksestraat, a small office and a large greenhouse.
A lot has changed in that time, we're here with a webshop, having large Trade Shows, much needed documents for shipping plants, more online offers and ofcourse more staff to handle all these services.

In September we hope we can get started to work in here, and provide more inspiration and a better working environment for our staff.
To make even better offers, have meetings, deal with every order more precisely, and have more contact with our customers.

Curious? Come by and take a look.

Photo : end of august

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